What Will the Kids Learn?

Are all bacteria bad? What are antibiotics? What goes on in our body during sleep? What is a blood test all about? What is immunity? How does X-ray differ from MRI? What is the largest organ in our body? What happens to our brain when we exercise? What are proteins and carbs? Which vegetables contain the most calcium? What does vitamin E do? What are hormones? What is DNA? Which medical discovery was helped by space exploration? Which part of our body contains gold? Are humans taller in the morning? 

Discover the answers to these and many more questions and fun facts while playing HealthNut. It covers a broad range of health and wellness topics that will equip kids with the basic knowledge required to make smart health choices as they grow up. This includes, but is not limited to: key facts about the human body and how it works, basic medical concepts, sleep, nutrition, exercise, mental health, medical technologies, inventions, and much more.