Our Story

We are a family-owned company that believes in empowering kids with science-based knowledge to help them make smart health choices as they enter adulthood and to nurture their love of science. 

We conceived the idea of creating an educational board game about health and human body after we realized that our own science-loving kids (9 year old twins) knew more about computers than their own health. And we're not just talking about body systems - after all it's easy enough to google the basic facts. More importantly, they lacked the holistic understanding of how their body works and the core medical concepts needed later in life. We also wanted them to understand the factors affecting their health in the short and the long-term term, such as nutrition, sleep, screen time, mental health, etc., so that they would WANT to adopt healthy habits instead of us forcing upon them.

After speaking to many fellow parents, we realized that many of them feel the same way. Why does this happen? Well, health science is perceived to be very complex and boring. Many kids are intimidated by the mere thought of learning about health and wellness.

But what if we could make learning FUN, EASY & REWARDING by doing what kids love the most – PLAYING! Why can’t it also be about developing strategic thinking and problem solving? After all, maintaining good health is a marathon, not a sprint and it requires making smart strategic choices. That’s what HealthNut is all about – learning while spending quality time AS A FAMILY!

We would love to hear from your family about what you liked and what could be improved in future editions! We want to continue to develop this game as a community of parents who care about their kids’ health and wellness. We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Playing!

Zara & Leo

The HealthNut Team