The interactive learning board game about the human body

Learning Resource for Families , Schools and Homeschooling

For Curious Kids ages 9-13

2-4 Players | Play time: 25-45 min.

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This game is a great one for families with young kids! It's a Stem education game so it's fun and educational!

The point of the game is to get your little fruit standee🍍from one corner of the board to the other. Along the way, you will encounter all kinds of questions, puzzles, and activities. These health related questions and activities will get kids thinking about health in a fun way.

My wife is an elementary teacher so she's actually going to be bringing this to her classroom and trying this out with her students!

Justin Davidson @beticboardgaming, Board Game Reviewer

We were excited to place this game wrapped under the Christmas tree for the kids. We wanted a game that was educational, fun and brought the family together. To say the least, our expectations have been surpassed! Also the quality and construction of the board and cards are significantly better than ones sold at big box stores. We highly recommend The HealthNut game and look forward to HealtNut's next creation!

Eric and Amanda, parents of 3 kids

We love family game nights and this game is our family favorite now! This strategy game is engaging for the whole family and packed with information about the human body and healthy lifestyle. Add to this good quality materials and colorful fun cartoons - this game is a must have for long winter nights!

Yael, Homeschooler and Mom to a 8 y.o.

At the moment, The HealthNut is our favourite board game. It turned out to be very educational not only for the kids (7 & 12 y.o), but also for us. It's very interesting, but also lots of fun to play - the kids especially love when mom and dad get to jump, stand on one leg, or draw. The game has a great design with fun illustartions, bright colours and great printing quality. The game contains an oversized magnet, which now hangs in a prime spot on our frige. We look at it before meals to check out which vitamins and minerals our meals contain. Kids have fun doing it!

Natalia Basov, Toronto, Mom of 7 & 12 y.o

This game keeps all players intrigued, thinking and willing to play more. I really liked that the game was designed for players of different ages and knowledge of biology, anatomy, and nutrients. I really liked this game, during the holidays, me and my friends had a lot of fun playing it.

Daria, 12 y.o.

The HealthNut is a PHENOMENAL way to play and learn!

If you’re a parent looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your kids about health and how the body works this is the PERFECT way to do it!

If you homeschool and you’re looking for a supplement for any form of health or anatomy class, as someone who grew up homeschooled for the majority of my pre-high school education, this would have been a perfect tool for your students!

If you’re an adult who is just looking for a fun way to learn more about health and maybe looking for a fun way to discover new and useful health tips and knowledge, this game is for you! You don’t have to sit down and try to read through a bunch of boring articles when you could play a game that can teach you all the same information in a far more fun and engaging way!

Seriously! Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this game (link in bio). I plan to share my copy of this game with my mom who is an elementary school teacher who is going to LOVE bringing this to her students! If you feel confident in your health-knowledge then grab a copy for a friend with kids, or a teacher in your life!

Skyler Gorsett @geekdesignergorssk, Board Game Reviewery

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